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Client Testimonials

Happy Clients

Latoya made my first therapy appointment amazing! Her demeanor is warm and inviting and she is very easy to open up and talk to. She has a realistic approach and didn't overwhelm me with a lot of information during our first appointment together. I am looking forward to working with Latoya!
April 27, 2023

Jane R.   Verified patient

This was my first session and it went great. She made me feel comfortable enough to open up to her about anything. The communication was excellent.

Kaydrena M Verified patient

It was great. Very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend these services. Also they are very high value on privacy

GB- verified patient

I felt really comfortable talking to her. It felt like talking to one of my daughters. I loved how she listened and gave me great suggestions and or options. My grief process will hopefully get better. I want to continue my visits with her.


May 24, 2023 by Angie J.

I loved my experience with Latoya. This was my first visit to any therapist. She was welcoming, kind, understanding, non judgmental, and a great listener. I definitely would recommend her to anyone.


by Roselyn S.

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